Paracord Survival Bracelet Wrist Watch With Compass

When it comes to picking out a survival watch, you need to plan ahead for everything.  You need to imagine that you are in a survival situation. You are never able to really know what might actually happen to you or your watch, but you want a watch that will take a real beating and still keep working and give you as much flexibility and information as possible.

Information is power. This isn’t the job for one of those fancy fashion watches or your basic diving watch. You need something that will survive water, moisture, shock, heat, sand, cold, and years of being used.  You need something that will give you information to help you survive and find civilization.  It needs to be reliable and easy to use.

The reason a Paracord watch can be so popular is that if you’re hiking, camping, kayaking or hunting, it’s so easy to get lost somewhere where there is no cell phone reception.  Emergency situations happen in life and it’s a good idea to have handy tools on you. 

Everyone should have a survival kit on them but many don’t include paracord in them.  When you go into the wild, you’ll probably have your watch on you, why not have something that could save your life in a survival situation?

The most likely thing to cause you serious concern is exposure.  Starting a fire could be the difference between life and death so if you’re going into the wild you’d be crazy not to have some method of starting a fire at all times.  A fire can also be used to signal for rescue.

Paracord comes in handy for many reasons, just picture yourself, it’s raining, you’re lost and you need to set up camp fast.  If you have to make cordage from the natural environment, it can take time which you may not have. 

Having paracord on hand will make setting up shelter much faster. There are just so many uses for paracord in a survival situation like securing a splint in case you’ve injured yourself, hanging food off the ground, using the inner cord for fishing cord etc.

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